"Dreams and Their Meaning" Part 1 & 2. Video


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      Video of the workshop recorded live in May-June 2018.

      Part 1: Learn to remember and understand your dreams. Receive the messages from your Subconsciousness. 

      What you will learn: 

      - Why do we dream? What dreams are? 
      -Technique to remember your dreams 
      -Why it is important to understand and interpret dreams and do it right away 
      - Flavors and layers of the dreams 
      - Understanding the Language of Dreams. Commonly encountered symbols and their meaning. 
      - Dream interpretation process step by step 
      - Materials and apps 

      Part 2. Types of Dreams. Hands-on practice 
      What will you learn: 

      : -Types of dreams: assimilation, precognitive, astral projection, lucid, healing, visitation, inspiration and problem solving, past lives, parallel lives, reoccurring, nightmares, 
      - Dream incubation
      -Interpreting participants' dreams. Hands on practice using the process. 

      After purchasing you will be sent a link with access to the video. There are 5 videos total of over 8 hours in length. Please make sure that you have a "gmail" account for access to be granted

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