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Consciousness-Expanding Workshops & Classes

At Solful Gifts Awareness Educational Center we offer many classes and workshops that can help you find inner peace and harmony, understand better who you are, release blockages, fears and unproductive beliefs, discover your Life's Purpose, and start living a more harmonious and Happy Life. 

Gift of MAGIC

Crystals & Gemstone Jewelry Store

If you are looking for a meaningful, beautiful gift, this is the place to find it!

Here you can find beautiful crystal and gemstone jewelry made with Love and Awareness, great gifts for any budget, taste, and occasion. At our physical store, we offer a unique service of finding crystals and gemstones that match your astrological profile and personal vibrations. 

Schedule your appointment to find a loving crystal. 


Relaxing AJNA Light Therapy

Meditative and Relaxing effect within minutes!

We are very excited to be offering Ajna Light sessions. Solful Gifts is the ONLY facility in Illinois offering this amazing service that is growing in popularity around the world, with thousands of people reporting amazing results and falling in love with Ajna Light! 
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Individual Mind Transformation Guidance

Today's life is full of stress and challenges. Sometimes traditional methods don't help. Mind Transformation guidance is a proven effective way to address many serious issues including Relationship Conflicts (Personal & Professional), Stress, Communication Issues, Feeling Lost, Anxious, Down, or Dis-empowered.

To learn more, call or email us to schedule your Complimentary Discovery Session and find out if this is the right path for you.  

Consciousness-Expanding Workshops & Classes

Helping others makes us HAPPY!

Since 2013, Solful Gifts has been offering many incredible workshops and classes in person as well as virtually. 

We have created a Powerful, Deeply Transformational and Effective 25-week "Know Your True Self" Program. Learn more about amazing benefits this program can offer you.

We feature many interesting events and classes monthly helping you feel more empowered, learn important life skills, gain a better understanding of who you are and why you are here, learn to accept, embrace and love yourself unconditionally, develop your intuitive abilities, heal through various techniques and shifts in consciousness, find harmony and peace, and so much more...

Check out our schedule to see what is coming up next. 

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Anti-stress & Relaxation AJNA Light Therapy

Ajna is a Sanskrit name of the 6th Chakra, a.k.a Third Eye. The Ajna Light device was developed by Guy Harriman, who is now a practicing Thai Buddhist Monk. Guy used to work directly with Steve Jobs in the past and has an in-depth knowledge of informational technology field. 
Ajna Light device creates a meditative and relaxing effect, a trance state affecting brainwave patterns through LED lights flickering at a certain rate and intensity, stimulating the pineal gland. It is a powerful way to achieve a very relaxing state within just a few minutes that otherwise takes many years and hours practicing deep meditation. Whether on its own or in combination with Crystal Therapy, Mind Coaching, Essential Oils or Reiki Sessions, also offered at our Solful Gifts location, Ajna Light can be a very powerful addition to your life, serving in similar ways as deep ongoing meditations. Thousands of people around the world have been providing amazing testimonials regarding wonderful effects of this amazing device. 

We are happy to help you purchase your own device. Call or email us for details. 

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Gorgeous Unique Creations Made with LOVE

At our Store you will find many options for a great meaningful and beautiful gift for any occasion, budget and style.

We offer plenty of options at our physical store and some at our online one: raw crystals, handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones, one-of-a-kind custom made bracelets and necklaces made with lots of LOVE. Crystals are carefully selected to vibrationally harmonize with each other, carrying a unique meaning. 

At our physical store you can enjoy a complimentary service of crystals being selected to match your astrological profile, fit to a specific purpose,  as well as vibrationally match you. 

We know how to find the right crystal just for You! Our customers LOVE our babies and share many incredible stories of how our crystals affect their lives.  

Schedule your appointment to see us in person.  

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What Our Customers Say


"One-of-a-kind place! Full of mindful classes, people and endless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth!"


"LOVE all the crystals, gemstones and jewelry that were being hand-picked based on my astrology and vibrations! What a Unique Service!"


"I had the fortune of interacting with Oksana on a higher spiritual plane while undergoing health concerns that jolted my world. Oksana was epitome of calmness and spirituality when she guided me through these difficult times in life. As a result of her coaching I found a part of myself that I had buried for a long time."

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