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Solful Gifts Open House - Shop without appointment for Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, Feng Shui items and other gifts. 
We pick crystals and gemstones based on your astrology and vibration, including:

  • A multitude of sterling silver-set gemstones, including very rare ones,
  • Crystals for office and household,
  • Bracelets, pendants, gorgeous necklaces, rings, earrings and much more for any budget - for men, women, and children.

Give gifts that matter and will be cherished and loved for years to come!

Date: Every Saturday (with some exceptions) 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. No open house on August 18. 

Location: 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling, IL. 

For all other days, please call (847)924-5708 to schedule your appointment


"Know your True Self"- weekly class. 25-week consciousness-expanding, transformational, practical program. Enrollment for the new Wednesday class with Oksana Gritsenko in Wheeling and new Thursday class with Kathy Kessenich are open now. 

Program Overview Complimentary Presentation on  on Thursday, September 27th, 7:00pm-8:30 pm at Solful Gifts 1040 S. Milwaukee Ave., Ste 130 Wheeling 

Date: NEW classes are starting soon 

Location: 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling, IL.  Virtual participation is available.

Price: 25 classes total or 5 segments of 5 classes each. Each segment is $150 (comprised of 5 classes).


 Our Services: Gifts that Matter...

There is no School of Life that we go to in order to figure out how to be a HUMAN BEING. Each one of us goes through life unconsciously applying what we learn from our parents and surroundings, and often many of those applications are quite unproductive. But we don't know what we don't know. 
It is natural for each one of us to feel stressed and hurt; to get disappointed and discouraged; to feel lost, angry, sad; to engage into conflicts, whether internal or external; to react without full understanding of why we behave a certain way. 
We are quite complex in our making and without an internal GPS system or awareness of who we truly are, it is not very clear to know how to just be, or how to be HAPPY. 
Life naturally teaches us to judge and compete, to persevere and survive. But no school teaches us to understand ourselves wholly and deeply, to know how our mind, emotions, and actions are connected, and who is really hiding behind all the learned behaviors and beliefs. 

So, we try to figure it out on our own. We struggle, we get hurt and dispirited as a result. 
Practitioners at Solful Gifts are people who have figured out that their purpose in life is to help others become aware, whole-functioning and happy. We offer GIFTS that truly matter and have a deep and lasting affect on people: Gifts that create positive transformational changes in all aspects of life. Our services and products help you find joy, happiness, magic, and inner peace and harmony that last, as well as learn important life skills, and finally -- understand who you truly are. 
Here is what we offer: 

Gift of Magic: Crystals & Gemstones 

Unique, Beautiful & Meaningful Gifts for any budget, taste and occasion.

At our Store, you will find many options for a great meaningful and beautiful gift for any occasion, budget and style.
We offer lots of options at our physical store and some at our online one: raw crystals, handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones, one-of-a-kind custom made bracelets and necklaces made with lots of LOVE. Crystals are carefully selected to vibrationally harmonize with each other, carrying a specific meaning. 
At our physical store you may enjoy a complimentary service of crystals being selected to match your astrological profile, fit to a specific purpose, as well as to vibrationally match you. 
We know how to find the right crystal just for You! Our customers LOVE our magical gems and share many incredible stories of how our crystals affect their lives.  

Schedule your appointment to see us in person.  

Shop for Crystals online

Gift of Clarity: Astrological Analysis

A Perfect Gift for any Adult or a new Parent.

Are you aware of your potential? 
Would you like to know what your hidden talents are? 
Curious why certain situations and challenges come up in your life over and over again? 
Do you know what your Karma is? 
Interested in finding out details about harmonious and challenging aspects of your relationships with others: be it your significant other, family member, business partner or any other individual?

Our Personal Astrological Portrait and Relationship Profile services will help you answer those questions! We will focus on the aspects you are interested in and help you discover your unique planetary narrative. Choose from Individual Astrological Report focused on you; Individual Astrological Analysis for a year to discover what the upcoming year has in store for you; or Relationships Analysis covering in depth various aspects of relationships with a given individual. 

If you are looking to schedule an important event, such as wedding, launch of a new business, career change, relocation, medical procedure, etc., take advantage of the Event Date Suggestion service to make sure you are aligned with the stars for better results.  

To schedule your reading, please purchase the report you are interested in, and we will contact you with details about your appointment. 

Can be done in person or virtually. 

Get Your Report

Gift of Relaxation: Ajna Light Therapy

Meditative and Relaxing effect within minutes!

We are very excited to be offering Ajna Light sessions. Solful Gifts is the ONLY facility in Illinois offering this amazing service that is growing in popularity around the world, with thousands of people reporting amazing results and falling in love with Ajna Light! 

Ajna is a Sanskrit name for the 6th Chakra, a.k.a the Third Eye. The Ajna Light device was developed by Guy Harriman, who is now a practicing Thai Buddhist Monk. Guy used to work directly with Steve Jobs in the past and has an in-depth knowledge of informational technology field.
Ajna Light device creates a meditative and relaxing effect, a trance state affecting brainwave patterns through LED lights flickering at a certain rate and intensity, stimulating the pineal gland. It is a powerful way to achieve a very relaxing state within just a few minutes that otherwise takes many years and hours of practicing deep meditation. Whether on its own or in combination with Crystal Therapy, Mind Coaching, Essential Oils or Reiki Sessions - also offered at our Solful Gifts location - Ajna can be a very powerful addition to your life, serving in similar ways as deep ongoing meditations. Thousands of people around the world have been providing amazing testimonials regarding the wonderful effects of this amazing device.

How it is done: you are going to be laying down on a massage table, fully clothed with your eyes closed the entire session. Session is held in person in a dark room. You will be listening to lovely relaxing music, while various intensity light will be flickering. It is OK to fall asleep during the session. Your brain will re-calibrate whether you are awake or asleep. Just allow yourself to relax.  

You can purchase a session or learn about our value packages to have lasting results and save up to 40%!
Call us @ (847)924-5708 and ask about these packages and what is the best fit for you.

We are happy to help you purchase your own device. Call or email us for details. 

Schedule a session

Gift of Happiness: Mind Transformation Coaching

Finding Solutions and Harmony Through Mind Shifts

Everyone, at certain points in their lives, encounters road blocks and situations ranging from unpleasant to deeply painful. 

It could be lots of stress piling up: work, home, family, relationships, health. 
Or a conflict with a family member, friend or a co-worker/boss. 
Or perhaps an overall feeling of being stuck, lost, anxious, or even depressed.

You might have chosen the route of seeing some doctors, taking prescribed medication, trying to avoid conflicts – or perhaps you tried some other approach, yet the situation hasn’t improved or gotten resolved? Mind Transformation Coaching (MTC) is a service created by the Founder of Solful Gifts Oksana Gritsenko, who has been successfully working with individuals of all backgrounds since 2013. The focus of MTC is to understand where an individual is at, establish where he or she wants to be within a reasonable period of time (completely up to the client), and help them get there in the most efficient way requiring certain shifts in perceptions and a better understanding of the self.

Mind Transformation Coaching is not a visit-when-you-like type of work. It is a dedicated longer-term process that you take with the MTC Coach to experience real results and a significantly improved quality of life.

A Discovery session is necessary to understand your current situation and what you are looking to change or attain, and ensuring that Oksana is the right person to help you on your journey.

The quality of your life is not dependent on the circumstances that surround you but on the mindset you have. The good news is that it is entirely in your control to change the life you experience, no matter what your current situation is! How to do it, which is the most important part, is what Oksana is going to help you with.

There are a few prerequisites to getting started and to actually succeeding::
1. You must be ready and committed to make changes in your life.
2. You need to have an open mind and be willing to do something you have never done before.
3. You will need to stay disciplined throughout the journey. The input has the direct effect on the outcome.
4. You need to trust your Coach who is committed to helping you through this journey in a loving and accepting way.

If you are ready, make a call and schedule your complimentary Discovery Phone session ($150 value) to find out if this is the right match for you. (847)924-5708

If you are less than 18 years old, you must obtain a written permission from your parents/caregivers to work with the coach.

Prices are discussed at the Discovery Session after the appropriate best matching Program is selected for your individual needs.

We focus on YOU and YOUR HAPPINESS!


Gift of Healing: Custom Blend Essential Oils

There are many options to choose from available on the market when it comes to Essential Oils. But did you know that your individual needs can be addressed with more precision, often combined in one blend for multiple purposes? 

You will not find this service anywhere else! Our Essential Oils Mixologist creates custom blends tailored to your individual needs and unique preferences, taking into account your astrological make-up, chakral activity, and even aesthetic preferences in terms of fragrances.  Only high quality and potency essential oils are used.  Each blend comes with instructions for application, unique to the purpose of the blend.

We even offer healing blends for your pets! 

Call or email us to order a custom created potent healing solution! 


Call or Email us to order yours

Gift of Awareness: Workshops & Classes

"Know Your True Self" - Consciousness-Expanding Program

The Know Your True Self Program is an experience!  An experience you won’t regret having, an experience that will change and transform you into a happier, more fulfilled version of you.  It is an inner journey experience in which you learn where you are out of alignment with Truth and Love, where you are not feeling Harmonious within your Being.

Funny thing is, you don’t even know you are out of alignment until you have some of the experiences contained in this curriculum!  On the surface you may feel great, going through the motions of life but have you noticed if you are REALLY connecting with the people in your life?  How about YOURSELF?...

Are your relationships harmonious?  Are you valuing yourself in your actions and deeds and how you talk to yourself when nobody listens?  Do you know what your purpose in life is?  Have you ever really paid attention to your thoughts and emotions?  You know you have them, but where are they coming from? Do you honestly understand your emotions and their true purpose?

There is so much to us that we are completely unconscious of… And nobody teaches us how to be a Human Being. Not a Human Doing, but an actual Being. Think about it for a minute… Do you honestly know what it means?...

It is OK not to. Truth is, most of the population of our beautiful planet Earth doesn’t. And how could you, if nobody taught you the basic concepts of that or basic life skills. We just try to fit in as much as we can, mimicking the behaviors of those around us, whether it is our parents, siblings, caregivers, or friends.  However, they struggle just as much with it, or just as unaware of it.

It is an incredible thing that we all have in common, and, more often than not, have very little inclination to accept: “We don’t know what we don’t know”. But can you IMAGINE just HOW MUCH you DON’T KNOW about YOURSELF?...

And now think about how much your life and how you feel about yourself and the world could be DIFFERENT if you actually KNEW! It is impossible to explain, nor it is of any value. But we have something better to offer you! You can EXPEREINCE IT! Now, that’s worth a try, don’t you think?

Getting to know your true self -- independent of others’ opinions, others’ or your own judgments, your storylines, perhaps your emotional overwhelm -- is an indescribable experience!  The truth is that it is a unique experience for each and every one of us.  We are all beautifully unique in our makeup and in our life experiences. 

Can you imagine being held in an unconditionally loving space with other classmates and a program coach helping you to navigate the inner exploration of you?  An internal excavation takes place as you identify, assess and purge those learned belief systems and patterns which are not serving you – those patterns born out of fear and separation causing you to react in anger, upset, withdrawal, sadness, depression, or anxiety for instance.  Learn to love and accept all parts of you, how to relax within and rejoice in the uniqueness of you. Journey through the 5 segments of the program: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Value, Self-Respect, and Self-Realization.  Experience guided meditations, group exercises, individual exercises, all the while self-reflecting and learning just who you are and learning how to consciously choose to respond to life with AWARENESS verses react to life habitually.  Come away with a toolkit of activities and exercises you can use long past the end of the course as life unfolds and new experiences await you. 

A little glimpse into what you will experience in the program (but keep in mind there are 25 unique practical classes with each teaching you something incredible about yourself):

  • Learning to Forgive and the importance of doing so (practical exercises to let go)
  • Sharpening your most valuable commodity, ATTENTION through powerful exercises. Just this alone will change so many aspects of your life! From communication and relationships, to productivity and focus, from better grades in school (if you need them) to deepening intuitive abilities.
  • Understanding your Mind, Thoughts, and the hidden mechanisms that drive your life while you are completely unaware of it. You will learn why you are where you are and how to get to where you want to be!
  • Discovering the true meaning and power of your Emotions that we bet you don’t know about.
  • Understanding aspects of the self, such as being a Perfectionist. What it means and where it is coming from. It blew many minds so far!
  • Connecting to the non-tangible aspects of the self, such as energy or being an Empath. So many people joining the class discover those for the very first time in their lives - and so many things become clear once they figure it out!
  • Discover what roles you play on a daily basis that create conflicts without your conscious awareness. That alone can help you have more harmonious relationships with the world.
  • Understand what your life's purpose is.

These are just a few examples of so many things you will learn. Things that you will be able to apply into your everyday life right away to see the changes and enjoy it more.

It is very hard to describe the magnitude and depth of this program unless you take it. Every graduate said the same thing about it: “I wish I took it when I was a teenager. My life would have been so different! It needs to be a mandatory program in High School!”. You can read a few testimonials we have published on our site but one thing is for sure -- your journey is going to be unique!

No matter where you are in life, this program is for you. Yep, that’s the magic of it! We haven’t told you yet about the magic part, have we? 😉  It is definitely there! Students 13-70 years of age have all, every single one of them, come away with a new understanding of themselves and a newfound love and acceptance for themselves.  Not one had a single regret. 

Just trust your inner voice being curious about “What if this is what I have been looking for?”, say “YES!” and buckle up for an adventure of a lifetime! You don’t know what you don’t know until you look. And we promise, we will help you SEE IT!

You are living THIS life only ONCE! You have an opportunity to become AWARE of who YOU TRULY ARE! Grab that opportunity! Capre diem! Check out when the next class is starting and find a way to take it instead of finding excuses not to.

The MAGIC is awaiting!


"Solful Astrology"- Workshop series

Join us for any class from the Solful Astrology Series with Intuitive Astrologer Lucy Gritsenko. At each session Lucy focuses on a single astrological topic, ranging from Planets, Minor Celestial Bodies, Angles and Houses, to Planetary Aspects and Aspect Patterns - and more, relating the significance of the subject to the context of our charts, helping us learn more about our Selves. 
Lucy's approach to astrology is unique and well received by people. She uses more than just her knowledge and deep understanding of astrology but also some metaphysical concepts and intuition. Each workshop is focused on a single subject, presented in a very light, educational way using a very well understood language. Even if you know nothing about Astrology, these workshops are easy to follow and a great tool to learn more about the field of Astrology. 
Lucy shares stories and myths behind each planet or asteroid, making the symbolism stand out even more.
You can purchase any of the classes in a video format and enjoy studying at your own pace.
No prior knowledge of astrology is required for any of the workshops.
Register or Purchase Video

"Dreams and Their Meaning"- Workshop

This unique, practical in-depth workshop is designed to help you understand the importance of your dreams, the types of dreams you can have, how to initiate and even control your dreams, and learn a unique and proven technique based on Carl Jung's and Edgar Cayce's approaches to interpret your dreams.

Part 1: Learn to remember and understand your dreams. Receive messages from your Subconsciousness.
What you will learn:
- Why do we dream? What are dreams? 
- Technique to remember your dreams
- Why it is important to understand and interpret dreams and do it right away 
  upon waking
- Flavors and layers of the dreams
- Understanding the Language of Dreams. Commonly encountered symbols and 
  their meaning
- Dream interpretation process step-by-step
- Suggested supportive materials and apps

Part 2. Types of Dreams. Hands-on practice
What you will learn: 
- Types of dreams: assimilation, precognitive, astral projection, lucid, healing, visitation, inspiration and problem solving, past lives, parallel lives, reoccurring, nightmares,
- Dream incubation
- Interpreting participants' dreams. Hands on practice using the process.
You can Purchase a video of both parts of the workshop here:


Purchase video
After purchasing you will be sent a link with access to the video. There are 5 videos total of over 8 hours in length. Please make sure that you have a "gmail" account for access to be granted