Know your True Self” Program

"I never thought it possible, but I profoundly fell in love with the person who I am right now. I let go off thoughts and material things that no longer served me. I began to appreciate my gifts instead of thinking of them as obstacles and regrets. This class definitely allowed my own truth to come forth and show me who I truly am - my ALL encompassing ME. 

... I wish everyone would start with this class as early as possible. This is just the beginning of a Loving and Beautiful Journey with your SELF." 

- Neila Romero, Safety Director 

"... it [Know Your True Self Program] turned out to be a blessing from the Universe during my senior year of high school. It gave me guidance at a very rough time in my life... Oksana guided me through the class suggesting to me to stop resisting my true authentic Self, and I was then confident enough deciding my next steps in my life, uninfluenced by other opinions. ...

Even after the class, I am seeing and experiencing exciting things in my new life feeling how they've impacted me, it has opened my understanding that knowing our true Self is important for my growth as a person. "

- Dalia Mills, 19 Student

"KYTS is a lot more than I expected. I joined the class mainly because I wanted to get closer to my life's purpose and I thought it was a great opportunity to learn something new. I did not only discover my life's purpose through this six months journey but I also became more aware, more receptive and more gentle. The class made me realize where some of my blockages came from and how my belief system formed through the years. I learned to embrace the shadow and the light that's within, and to know that I am enough. I also learned what it means to have true self-value. This self-realization journey has been joyful, fulfilling and inspiring. I am truly blessed that I was part of it." 

- Zlatka. Spa Director

"I took this program remotely from India through Skype. To me, the distance did not matter, as I still gained so much through this program.
Here is what I gained and what this program will give:
  • I received clarity in terms of what I was doing with life and what I really wanted to be doing with life and the push needed to pursue that. This has been the most important thing for me!
  • The program also helped me face my fears in my day to day life than running away from them and pretending they did not exist. It does not mean I will decide to jump off a cliff and hope nothing happens, it means that I know I will not worry about failing when I intend to start something, I am now able to continue my pursuits irrespective of that.
  • There is a much greater degree of acceptance in terms of who I am and how I see myself, my relationships have become far more harmonious because of the changes within.
  • The way I value my Self and the way people value me have greatly increased, this does not come from a fake affirmation but from a much deeper level where you truly recognize and value your Self. Learning that has been priceless for me!
  • The focus is entirely on the person to learn things that would help them be Self-aware and independent, leading a whole functioning life.
Here is what the program is not and will not give:
  • This program will not create a sense of dependency. It will give you the tools for progressing, teach you the means, at the same time you will not be stuck with the program and become dependent on it.
  • It is not a magic pill. A person will need to put in the effort and the results will be there right in front of the eyes, enlightenment in one day? I don’t think so, at least I did not receive it.
  • There won’t be rigidity in terms of how long you stick with the program, though it is highly recommended especially after experiencing the benefits of completing it. The program as such does not demand you to stick for any length of time.
  • The lessons learnt in the classes are of great value, yet it would require effort from the person without which nothing much changes.
  • There is no focus on learning grand things with little practical applications, what you learn is finding the treasure house that we each are.

Overall I would highly recommend this program! I knew that the changes in me are so beautiful, it took away the old unproductive pattern of thinking and replaced it with thoughts that greatly aid the expansion of consciousness. Last but not the least, Oksana will focus on ensuring you clearly gain what you set the intention on receiving, there won’t be false promises, of that I am sure! Love and light to everyone! " 

 - Aravind Raghunathan, IT Professional. Mysore, India

Mind Transformation Coaching

" Receiving both individual and business coaching from Oksana has been an incredible experience. Knowing that my business is an extension of me and how I feel about and interact with myself. I also knew I needed some guidance for the journey as I started my business. It's been such a learning and expanding journey into myself and so incredible to then be able to see the results of my growth reflected in my business and relationships with others. Just saying YES! to Oksana's coaching has changed my life. The income for my business has grown exponentially and I am relaxing into my true Self as my business takes shape.

Oksana's insight is incredible and she is able to help me shift out of thought patterns that have kept me stuck for many years. I can say with certainty that I have learned to love and accept myself unconditionally because of Oksana's coaching. She listens with her heart and whole being and helps you understand the "whys" behind the behavior.

Going from resistance to what is in front of me to ultimately feeling gratitude for it, is the best journey ever!

Oksana's depth of knowledge and treasure trove of tools with which she works, make each session uniquely blessed. Whether our focus is on business or life, I am a changed person each time we complete a session."  

- Lisa Seyring, Emotional & Energy Healing Practitioner

"After going through Mind Transformation Coaching I feel I have more honest relationships. Allowing other people to be themselves without trying to change them. Express myself without trying to control, fix, or hurt other people, let go of arrogance. I am a better friend, daughter, wife, sister, I am a nicer person. I am just happier. I do better with setting boundaries, with self-value and not looking for it outside of myself. It is the biggest win in terms of transformation. 

I am not taking prescription drugs anymore. I used to take a long list. I sleep better, have no anxiety, no headaches, no migraines. 

I didn't believe what Oksana told me about possible transformations when we started the work. I didn't think those will apply to me but they did! I was at the lowest point of my life when we started working together through coaching. And I can't imagine what I would have done without you, Oksana. You are someone who transformed my life.

If you don't know anything  about Mind Transformation Coaching, give it a try - it works! If you are willing to work, it's powerful. I have seen therapists and social workers for years - I don't know what it is but all I can say is nothing has ever changed so much so quickly with outside help." 

- JZ, Senior IT Manager 

" The most important investment you can make is in yourself. Whether you have done counseling or therapy it can't compare to what Oksana can bring. It's everything! There is so much that involved with this type of coaching, it's truly mind, body and soul. It's everything you are working on. It's a holistic approach. You really feel you are working on every part of the self. It's a faster progression, also you feel more whole about the self, you are working on every part of the self. Each session is another jump up to reach your goals. If you are not part of the program I think you are missing out. I feel good about my progress and there is more...

I feel so much better than before!"

-AR, 25, School Teacher

"I had the joy of giving birth to my second born. I brought my son home from the hospital and remember not feeling the same ever… well, not in a good way. 

I spent my maternity leave sick to the core and since then I had never felt healthy. Then came the time when I started scheduling appointments with doctors who would refer me to specialists. This was difficult for me as I don’t usually go and see the doctor and now I was only visiting physicians.

Two years passed and kept on working and fulfilled my responsibilities with children but never felt healthy. It reached a point where the big C word was dropped and this possibility was actually now a reality.

All along I have been talking to Oksana and in the beginning even challenged her by asking her questions on her concepts. In my heart I always knew she was right!! You see Oksana has this intuitive ability and intelligence to read and perceive situations and connect to the inner being and guide the troubled soul to resolve to life changing patterns for betterment. She stood by me and called me day and night just to make sure that I was ok as I went in for my tests. This was her level of commitment to me.

She brought back peace to me and it’s only because of her I am leading a happier life. Anyone would be fortunate to just to come into contact with this gentle soul that I have found in Oksana and being coached by this highly evolved being is just pure blessing."

- PT, 35. IT Professional. Chicago, IL


"Oksana made me feel comfortable, and I was able to speak openly about the issues I had without being judged. She showed compassion and common sense in helping me facing my issues and overcoming them. I see the difference between then and now. Now I choose how I react. I choose to avoid emotionally charged reactions in many situations. Over time I see how much progress I have already made."

- AA, 39. HR Professional. Toronto, Canada.


"I always knew there was "more". Oksana showed me how and where to find it! I can truly say my life has been transformed through my association with this wonderful woman. This transformation is apparent not only to me, but to those who know me best. The journey to my inner Self has been one of joyous discovery. Oksana has empowered me, shown me the path to re-claiming my birthright of love, confidence, independence, self-respect and joy of living.

There is no judgment; only true giving from her heart and soul. My gratitude to Oksana is great. I now look towards my Self to manifest my desires, learning from her guidance and love. Finding my real beauty has been amazing!

Thank you, Oksana, for opening the door and showing me the way!"

- Patricia Ortiz, 65. Retiree, Student and Beginning Business Owner. Palatine, IL

Custom Blend Essential Oils

"Lucy's oil blend has a soothing and calming effect on my dog who suffers from anxiety. His ears become irritated from nervous scratching and the oil was beneficial in reducing the itching and agitation. Thanks Lucy!"

- Patricia Ortiz

Intuitive Astrology

"I want to thank Lucy for being in my life. Lucy did a holistic, intuitive astrological reading for me in September and it has truly helped me on my journey as an entrepreneur. Lucy is VERY easy to work with and truly cares about her clients. I am making decisions around her suggestions, and I feel so much more confident in my decisions. I highly recommend Lucy and will be using her services annually. Thank you, Lucy. "

- Sharan Tash, Women Only Fitness Facility Owner


Inside-out Transformation

"Undergoing the transformational process with Oksana and her team was an amazing experience. I felt deeply understood and guided in how to bring out the inner qualities that I want to more freely express. Oksana's keen eye and patience were given with such genuine warmth! 

I hardly even needed to verbalize what I wanted -- she knew exactly what I needed and wanted! It truly felt like a collaborative experience, with her holding regard for my vision and comfort level, while at the same time stretching me and blending my ideal with hers.

The result -- astounding! I feel so much more empowered and validated for who I am, and know that the rest of the world sees this as well."

-Linda Kleyman, 27, Holistic Healer. Northbrook, IL.

"My transformation was a once in a lifetime event! Thanks to a Life & Mind Coach and a friend, Oksana, for inviting me to be a participant in her new program. Her vision created this transformation and opened me up from the inside.

We had a shopping day where Solful Gifts Team helped me find outfits for my new look. The experience was fun. You don’t get the privilege of 3 skilled and talented people dressing you up very often.

It was a challenge to accept myself in a new light. When you are used to your kind of clothing and style it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and do something different (even when the professionals say you look great in it). It’s hard to shut down that inner voice telling you “You should look very modest. You are not that young anymore. You cannot look sexy..” You know what, dear Ladies?… It’s all BS.
I never use that kind of language, but right now…, I’m talking more to myself than you.

We can feel wonderful at any age and always look beautiful. We should bring our best both inside and out. Then, if we look our best, we feel our best and enjoy life even more.

When you feel and look great you will attract the exact people you want in your life. Your career will improve. And most important you’ll love yourself. Of course, most of us need a mental transformation to be part of this. And that was a key part, to have a shift in thinking, seeing the self and allowing the self to be more who I truly AM.

I had a blast! I felt really energized during this transformation process – the energy seemed to be coming from nowhere!

I love the way I look! I feel great! That’s what happens, when you like how you look and do what you like!"

- Rita Bord, 51, Holistic Health Coach. Wheeling, IL