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      Solful Astrology Series with Intuitive Astrologer Lucy Gritsenko 
      Please select as many as you like from the following available videos:

      These are all individual videos that include 2-2.5 hr overview of various aspects, planets, asteroids, etc. You may add as many items as you like. Please specify which ones you want to receive:

      Mars, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron. Vesta, Egyptian Astrology, Black Moon Lilith, Pallas Athena, Nessus, Native American Astrology, Heracles, Dejanira, Midheaven, Ascendant & Descendant, Decans part 1, Decans Part 2; Cusps; Astrological Houses overview, Astro houses 1-12 (separate videos for each), Planetary Aspects Overview. Part 1, Planetary Aspects in Depth. Part 2.. 

      Please note that you must have a GMAIL email account to receive a secure access to each video.

      Each video is $20. 

      No prior knowledge of astrology is required for most of the videos except planetary aspects and houses classes.  
      Please mention in comments which videos you would like us to send you and include a gmail email address to receive access. 

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